Ami Ko
My first name is pronounced as [Ah-Mee]

Assistant  Professor 
Georgetown University
Department of Economics

Research Interests


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An Equilibrium Analysis of the Long-Term Care Insurance Market

Review of Economic Studies, Volume 89, Issue 4, July 2022, p.1993–2025

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Working Papers

Dynamic Pricing Regulation and Welfare in Insurance Markets [Paper]

with Naoki Aizawa, 2023, revise and resubmit at Journal of Political Economy.

Marital Transitions, Housing, and Long-Term Care in Old Age [Paper]

with Minsu Chang, 2023, revise and resubmit at Quantitative Economics.

Pricing Regulation and Insurer Entry on the ACA Health Insurance Marketplaces [Paper

with Hanming Fang, 2023, revise and resubmit at Journal of Health Economics.

Work in Progress

Childcare and Long-Term Care: A Tale of Altruism and Strategization within the Family

with Chao Fu

Abstract: We develop and estimate a dynamic model that captures the interactions between grandparents' provision of childcare and their daughters' caregiving for the elderly over the life cycle. Our model accounts for both altruistic and strategic motives underlying the intergenerational time transfers, which we disentangle using data from multiple sources. We use the estimated model to examine the welfare implications of childcare and long-term care policies.